Angry Birds Friends

Come and discover the Angry Birds Friends application developed and distributed by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment Oyj. Angry Birds innovates and offers you, this time, a video game in the form of competition. It is an alternative to the saga with the possibility to compete with other players!

Angry Birds Friends: a fun, captivating and accessible game for everyone

Join your favorite animals for some fierce gameplay. Angry birds attack the egg-stealing green pigs. Practice with your characters to get better and better at hitting a target with a catapult. Take the time to improve your shots to get rewards and bonuses for winning. The PvP mode for "Player versus Player" allows you to fight against each other, up to six people. This role-playing game promises to be a lot of fun and to develop your skills to win battles against your friends or opponents.

Every week, new competitive and thematic tournaments are offered for more diversity and surprises. New weekly levels allow you to unlock new characters with original powers. The application is free to download on mobile, tablet or Windows PC. It is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as on Android devices. Originating from Facebook, the game is also always present there by logging into your account. It is also possible to make in-game purchases.

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