APK Installer

Application management is necessary to save time and simplify operations on your device. APK installer is one of these utilities to adopt to save time. Let's zoom in on its characteristics and the solutions to take advantage of its assets.

APK installer in a few words

APK installer was originally designed for Windows devices to install several applications on your smartphone from your computer. Thanks to its new features, it is now possible to use it directly on your cell phone to manage and control the apk files stored on the SD card.

The concept is simple. You just have to install the tool on your computer following the instructions and connect the phone via USB. We import the apk files, before installing everything by launching the appropriate button. The smartphone's settings are sometimes imperative, depending on the model. In this case, it is enough to debug the device when it is connected to the USB port.

Apk installer is a free software that can be downloaded from the classic sites. In addition to installing applications, it is possible to use it to uninstall and save data in the PC or in the Cloud before the final removal of tools in the phone. Synchronization also helps to take screenshots in better conditions.

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