Jumia Online Shopping

Jumia Shopping is an application for Android and iPhone that allows you to enjoy a shopping experience wherever you are. Thanks to a fluid interface and a quick simple navigation, the application allows you to make your purchases on the online store Jumia in a few clicks and with secure payment methods.

Jumia Shopping to take advantage of Jumia's flash sales and exceptional discounts

Jumia Shopping is an application listed in the Shopping category of the App Store. It allows users to effortlessly discover and order more than 1,000 international and local branded items in almost every category on the Jumia Store. With this application, users will have the opportunity to:

  • Make an exceptional shopping experience by browsing the Jumia online store to choose your favorite items;
  • Receive push notifications, promotional offers and alerts regarding the latest articles submitted for promotion;
  • Use the "Save for Later" option to register a product in its Wish List for later purchase;
  • Finalize your order by subscribing to secure payment methods (payment on delivery, mobile payment or payment by credit card).

Jumia Shopping is a safe and effective way to get rid of exhausting shopping that puts you in long queues. Whether from your smartphone, tablet or even your PC, Jumia application allows you to gather all your products on your cart and access it as soon as you log on your account.

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