For online shopping, it is very important to use a price comparison shopping cart. This allows you to make quality purchases and especially at low prices. One of the most popular comparators is idealo. This pc application has some very useful features to buy online.

An e-commerce application

idealo designates the price comparator ranked among the best in Europe and in France. Price comparison becomes child's play with the idealo e-commerce app. This shopping assistant is available online free of charge to help you find the best deals. For cheaper purchases, you can compare the prices of millions of offers from thousands of shops on the Internet in a matter of seconds. The app provides access to prices offered by e-commerce references such as eBay, Rakuten, Rue du Commerce, Amazon, Cdiscount, Groupon, Fnac, Darty and others. Idealo gives a precise idea of the offers and their prices at the level of small local online stores. Thanks to idealo, all shopping shops on the net are checked. The products and their prices are reviewed in collaboration with the virtual shops.

Clever features

That's what makes idealo so special. The price comparison app offers users price alerts. It acts as a promotion alert to draw users' attention to discounts and sales. Each user sets a price reduction alert for each product. The second feature is the barcode scanner. Simply scan the barcode of products to find out their prices online. The third feature is the price evolution. The user observes the price history for each product before making purchases. Other very useful features are Your and Reviews on products and merchants. To discover idealo on pc windows, just download it.

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