Juasapp is an application used by more than 25 million people around the world to receive free jokes and pull pranks on social networks. You can play automatic jokes in which you play a character called the Jokester, and change your voice so that your friends don't recognize you, thanks to montages or live jokes in which you play a character called the Jokester.

How does the Juasapp application work?

Juasapp is an application that allows you to receive free jokes with its download, a connection to Facebook or a recommendation of the application from the Configuration menu. The application is suitable for anyone who is willing to invest in disturbing their loved ones with recorded phone calls in order to scare them.

The application works on a simple principle: the user chooses the joke, enters the phone number he wants to send it to, and also chooses the time he would like the caller to receive it. Calls are not made from your phone, but from the platform's call centers. So you don't pay for them and they are completely anonymous. Within 2 minutes, the recording will be available on your mobile, so you can listen to it and share it. With Juasapp, you will be able to pass a tax inspector investigating a fraud, a disgruntled neighbor, a customer who is considering complaining; the application allows you to adopt any type of voice. At the end, the initiator of the joke call receives a recording of the conversation.

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