MiWiFi Router

Today, technology has reached a new era, linking our household appliances to our watch, or our car to our smartphone. Being surrounded by inter-connected devices creates this new need to be able to manage our Wifi router, this meeting point between the various connections, in a simple and unique way. The MiWiFi application is the ideal solution that brings these features together on a single platform.

The router to have on hand

This application, created by Xiaomi, is an essential tool for the management and control of all your devices that allow a wifi connection. Its main objective is to offer you greater flexibility in the distribution of the Internet network, thus optimizing and stabilizing the quality of the wireless connection throughout your home or workplace. In addition, better tracking also guarantees greater security by knowing exactly which tablets, smartphones and laptops are connected.

With this new trend towards online education and remote working, the MiWiFi application is becoming more than indispensable. It is available not only on Android and iOS, but also on Windows PCs. This makes monitoring your web easier and more accessible than ever. You can download this tool now and keep an eye on the network wherever you are.

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