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Viki: Free TV Drama & Movies

Viki by rakuten is an application that lets you explore the world of Asian entertainment. The application offers a wide selection of popular dramas, films, TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from several countries including (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan ...).

Watch your favorite series wherever you want

Viki is an unlimited video on demand platform exclusively dedicated to Asian content and belonging to the Rakuten company. Content includes popular television and film productions such as K-drama (highly acclaimed in Asia), C-Drama, romance, comedy, costume and period, SciFi & fantasy, action & adventure and beyond . Native speakers of the languages ​​in which the films are produced gather online to learn, dialogue and contribute to the good of the community. However, Viki also provides users with subtitles for all movies and series offered in over 200 languages ​​and provided by super-fans around the world. In addition to captioning, viewers can also add real-time on-screen comments to comment on the action.

Rakuten's Viki also allows users of the application to participate. For example, they can rate their favorite shows, recommend shows to other fans. They can also join live conversations with the fan community and stream videos anywhere and anytime over a WiFi or 3G connection. As a community, Viki from Rakuten breaks down the barriers between you and great entertainment.

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