Paramount+ is a live and on-demand TV streaming service where you'll find all your favorite CBS shows and movies. Unlike other platforms of its stature, Paramount+ doesn't offer many licensed shows. Instead, it's primarily a hub for content produced by the CBS network.

Exclusive original series and live TV

Paramount+ is an American video streaming service owned and operated by CBS Interactive, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. It offers original content, recently aired content on CBS broadcast properties and content from the CBS library. Each subscription on Paramount+ offers two-screen viewing, but if you upgrade to the No-Commercial subscription, you can also download shows to watch offline. In addition to all your favorite shows and movies listed on their website, you can also find live TV options with your account.

If you have a smart TV connected to wifi or connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable, you should have no problem downloading the Paramount+ app. Access to the app is not free, but if you have cable access, your Paramount+ account is free just for the live streaming option on their website. You'll need to start a subscription with Paramount+ in order to enjoy the other benefits. Your first 7 days are free and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

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