All 4

All 4 is a video-on-demand service from Channel Four Television Corporation, free for most content and financed by advertising. The service application provides you with personalized, responsive service accessible on a variety of devices.

Access a wide variety of content

All 4 is Channel 4's free on-demand channel, featuring original and exclusive programming, including top-quality shorts and Walter Presents, hundreds of boxes from Channel 4's iconic series, as well as live feeds and catch-up channels. The eponymous application is a tool that allows you to access all of these channels and make it easier for you to access related services. Thanks to All 4, the user can obtain recommendations corresponding to his taste in the selection with the possibility of resuming viewing from the place he has been to, even on another device. In addition, they can broadcast live TV channels (including Film4), with the possibility of rebooting, download programs via Wi-Fi or on the go and watch them anywhere while still following programs on your big screen with Chromecast. To watch All 4, you'll need :

  • A laptop or desktop computer with Microsoft Windows or OSX (Mac) operating system;
  • A high-speed Internet connection...

Download our free All 4 for Android application by visiting Google Play. For Apple users, you'll be able to use your Android or iOS device, or your computer's Chrome browser, to stream All 4 content directly to your TV.

You want to download All 4 on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Channel 4 Television Corporation has already been published All 4 on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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