Instant messaging threema is a computer program that allows the transmission of instant messages between two or more phones under iOs or Android and pc under windows via a computer network. It is achieved by sending text, image, voice or multimedia messages between users of the communicators.

The best messaging application for mobile devices and PCs

Threema is one of the most versatile messaging applications you can download from Google Play. You can use it on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as PCs. Its capabilities are also extensive, allowing you to send text and voice messages, make audio and video calls, send photos, videos and other multimedia such as stickers or GIFs.

Threema is popular software in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, especially if you maintain international contacts. The creators of this app had only one goal: to prepare a reliable program that guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of the user's data. All multimedia files or messaging transferred and stored on their server are encrypted and encrypted on your tablet or phone, only the users can see the content.

The Threema app has proven to be much more than just a communicator for working in groups and within companies. It is a program for direct conversations and an ideal place where a specific group of people can chat in real time under Windows or Android. But its capabilities also allow you to use it as a classic application for exchanging messages and voice calls on a daily basis.

You want to download Threema on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Threema GmbH has already been published Threema on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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