When Qobuz was created in 2007, Alexandre Leforestier and Yves Resiel wanted to make impeccable musical sound accessible to the general public. As experienced music lovers, Alexandre Leforestier and Yves Resiel thought of people who, like them, appreciate listening to their favorite songs with a high quality sound. Qobuz offers a wide variety of titles, coupled with impeccable listening quality.

High definition audio quality available to everyone, at any time

Although it has evolved since then, the Qobuz application maintains its principles: easy access, a unique sound, a wide variety of tracks and reliable information about the artists. Users can choose to download or stream their favorite tracks. Qobuz gives access to a music library with more than 70 million compositions. The user can use it for free and without commitment, for a certain period of time. The streaming service is only available during the free trial. To get the full service, i.e. stream and download songs, a subscription is required. The user can subscribe for a month or a year.

Subscription variants are offered, including one that allows the user to listen to tracks without logging in. The subscriber has access to information and news from the music world (artists, personalities). Everyone can create their own playlist, at any time, in any place. On PC, iPad, iPhone, tablet or other Android mobile, the Qobuz application gives satisfaction to all users. A help service is available if needed.

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Qobuz has already been published Qobuz on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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