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Google Play Games accompanies the player in his gaming experience. The application allows you to create a profile that gives you access to several features, with the aim of adding interest to your entertainment time.

Enhance your experience

Innovation is the key word for a company, and this is even more true for an American giant such as Google. The services offered by the search engine are constantly being enriched, as evidenced by the Google Play Games application that we present here.

To complete and enrich the game sessions, Google Play Games offers several options for players. For example, the application saves your progress in the game so that you don't lose everything if you change phones. In addition, it includes a complete sharing function, offering the possibility of inviting a friend to play, as well as recording their best actions and gameplay.

Google's application includes a ranking function between players from all over the world, and a progress tracking in the form of levels acquired thanks to personal achievements. Finally, some games are available offline directly through the platform, to avoid the hours of trouble without internet.

Google Play Games allows players to give more interest to their mobile games, competitors as well as casual players will appreciate downloading a platform with rankings and a personalized experience. Please note: Google Play Games is not available on iOS but will soon be available on Windows PC.

You want to download Google Play Games on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Great! Google Inc. confirmed Google Play Games is under development on Windows 10. All you have to do is wait until its release. Login to your account and vote for the app in order to be alerted when it will be online!

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