Clue is a menstrual period tracking app created by BioWink. Thanks to its accurate algorithm, you can know in advance when your next period will start. It also provides an overview of all your previous cycles. With Clue, you will learn to know your body and to spot any disturbances to better monitor your health.

Clue, the intelligent menstrual calendar

Clue is a precise and intelligent tool that takes into account several factors that can influence the cycle: stress, travel, physical exercise... You can enter your data each day to understand the course of your period. It tracks your premenstrual symptoms, records your energy levels and mood changes and analyzes them for increasingly accurate predictions.

Clue is a complete application that accompanies you through all stages of your cycle. There is an "Alert" option to remind you to take your contraception or to prepare for your next period. For women who want to get pregnant, the app has an ovulation reminder. It calculates the days when the probability is higher. Log in to pregnancy mode to keep your diary, track your baby's growth, and get an estimate of your due date.

Available on Android and iOS, you can download Clue for free. Its interface is simple and ergonomic. You will never be bothered by ads. Unfortunately, there is still no pc version for Windows. But for those who want a personalized support and more advanced features, a paid version with lots of surprises is to discover.

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