Blitz brigade

Do you like shooting games? Blitz brigade is an online FPS that offers a unique experience. Developed by Gameloft, this game allows you to carry out challenging single player missions. It also allows you to gather a dozen players for multiplayer games. You have the choice of playing alone or as a team to make your opponents bite the dust.

Description of the game Blitz brigade

Blitz brigade is available on Windows, Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad). So you can download the game app on your PC, tablet or smartphone to enjoy the exceptional gunfight sessions. In this game, you have the choice to fight on the side of the Axis or the Allied forces. Whichever you choose, you will fight your opponents in arenas where heavy artillery is commonplace.

Guns, bombs, air and ground war vehicles... Everything is there to enjoy merciless battles. Nevertheless, you will have to win a series of victories to earn more war equipment. By winning battles, you also earn customization for your battle gear and appearance.
In Blitz brigade, there's never a shortage of new challenges and seasonal contests provide more challenges between players. To win the battles, you have to define powerful combat strategies. The app's voice chat allows players to fine-tune their strategy and ask their teammates for assistance when needed.

With Blitz brigade, you don't have to play the all-around soldier. You can also choose one of six other classes to play as a powerful gunner, a skilled sniper, a daring demolisher, a dedicated medic, a stealthy agent, or a strategic engineer.
If you're a fan of online action games, Blitz brigade will provide you with hours of fun on untold battlefields.

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Gameloft has already been published Blitz brigade on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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