Developed by NaturalMotion Games Ltd, CSR Racing 2 is a car racing game that allows its players to get behind the wheel of high-powered cars from the biggest car manufacturers in the real world. The objective is always the same, to leave the competition in the rearview mirror! This new game will appeal to all drag racing fans thanks to its highly realistic graphics

Challenge your opponents online from your phone.

If you are planning to download this application to immerse yourself in this fantastic automotive universe, just go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store from any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. At the risk of disappointing PC fans, it is not possible to play CSR Racing 2 from a Windows computer. The driving system is relatively quick to learn and perfectly adapted to smartphone screens.

As you win, alone or in a team, you can get new vehicles and improve the ones you already own. Each race is therefore an opportunity to outdo your competitors and transform your garage. CSR 2 stands out from other racing games because it is one of the only ones to have official licenses from the biggest brands on the market. You can find for example the famous German brands like Audi, BMW, emblematic American brands like Ford and Chevrolet or other great luxury teams like Ferrari and McLaren and many others.

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