The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a video game that was originally created by the owner Majic Jungle Software in New Zealand. This very nice game promises you a lot of surprises!

The Blockheads: how does it work?

The Blockheads is an original video game where the main character is left to his survival instinct. The story takes place in a relatively large world composed of oceans, mountains, forests, underground caves and deserts. Your role as a player is to make sure that the Blockheads have everything they need, can be productive and fast.

Since this is a game about survival, you will be able to make tools for work with the resources you find in the scenery. You can make a boat, pick berries, build a campfire, and complete your character's adventure. Make sure your Blockhead can survive the obstacles of nature. This realistic game is suitable for all ages. It allows the player many discoveries and curiosity about the richness offered by the world or more precisely the nature.

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