Developed by Steve Howse and published by Lowtech Studios, is a multiplayer online video game available for iOS and Android. Easy to download, it is also possible to play it from your Windows PC., play and become the longest slither is an arcade-style game where you will have to play against other connected players. The main objective of the application is to make your snake grow so that it becomes the biggest (tallest) of the day by eating luminous pellets, while avoiding other snakes that slide on the screen. If your snake's head crosses another player's, you will explode in edible points by the other snakes. Players can see each player's username and high scores. It is also possible, from the main screen, to share scores through social media.

To play on a PC, visit You will need to enter a username first. This will give you access to the game screen where you will see a small worm with your username nearby. Small sweeps are enough to make the worm move so that it eats small luminous pellets that will make it grow. You can increase the speed of your avatar by double tapping the terminal and holding it. The more your worm grows, the more difficult the game becomes. You can see the current length of your snake, the longest length and the highest ranked players in the upper right corner of the screen.

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