Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a new episode of the Final Fantasy saga, an RPG or role-playing game, whose Free-to-play application is available on smartphone or tablet, on IOS and Android. It is also possible to download it on PC via Windows. Through this Square Enix game, you will try to save the world thanks to new heroes in search of mythical crystals to fight against evil.

A new world where peace is threatened

While humanity could live in peace thanks to the powers of the legendary crystals, the world of darkness returns to spread its poison over the world with the will to destroy the crystals of the kingdom. Humanity then finds itself in danger, ready to sink into the nothingness of evil. But when all goes wrong, two young warriors from Grandshelt will call upon the powers of the visions contained by the crystals in Lapis to help the two heroes fight the darkness. Indeed, thanks to the visions, the hope that the mythical warriors come back to life is there.

A new team of brave heroes

For this episode of Final Fantasy, you play a team of 3 heroes composed of 2 warriors, Rain and Lasswell, and a young girl who masters white magic but has lost her memory, Fina.

Through your touch screen, help them in spectacular battles with incredible attacks against their enemies and complete missions to gain experience and rewards to get through the levels. Get carried away in incredible battles and summon legendary and powerful entities from other dimensions to help your young warriors.

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