Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an application that connects merchants and consumers to combat food waste and save everyone money. The application works essentially by geolocation and allows users to recover, at a minimum price, unsold items from the nearest shops to their home area.

Too Good To Go or how to save the day's unsold items

Here is an application for food waste management that will satisfy many. With more than one million users, Too Good To Go offers an innovative, simple and popular solution, helping to change consumer and business attitudes towards food waste and resource consumption. The service focuses on reducing food consumption and better directing resources that are not being used. The concept can help to inspire others with similar ideas in other industries and is already widespread in several countries.

Too Good To Go works by geo-locating partner traders who wish to dispose of unsold goods in a specific area. The user is then provided with product details, food types, the discount price of unsold items and the collection time slot. The user will simply have to go to the location to collect the merchandise. The success of this application is such that some merchants are expanding their activities with the online store and delivery.

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