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Google Assistant is an app that is published by Google Inc. It is a perfect tool that transforms a smartphone into a virtual assistant. Its use can have many advantages. Its user stays in touch with his relatives, gets quick answers to bug topics, takes essential notes. He can also play various games and enjoy intelligent navigation.

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Google Assistant is an application that is easy to use. Just click the appropriate button to wake it up. Those who use the microphone just have to say "ok Google" to make it work. This virtual assistant is able to send an email to a contact of the user. The content to be sent must be dictated. With this same tool, you can make a phone call, send a WhatsApp message, create reminders and alarms. You can also have the user take a selfie, play music or check the weather forecast.

Google Assistant is an application that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android but not on Windows PC. The version to download varies from device to device. It can do almost anything. By manipulating the configuration settings, it is possible to easily connect other devices (Google home, smart watch, etc). Google can perform a variety of activities through voice searches, voice commands and control of the relevant device.

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Google LLC doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up! Would you like to be able to download and install Google Assistant on Windows 10? Vote for this application on WishApplist and contact the editor to ask him when it will be developed! The more we are to ask for it, the more chances we have to see it on PC! You can also create an account in order to be alerted when this application will be available !

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