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Available on Windows 10

Stickman Hook

Stickman hook is an application listed in the category of the App Store Action. The game allows you to develop a better strategy to avoid obstacles when trying to bring a hero named "Stickman" until the finish line. The game is made up around 20 unique levels for you to try to defend. Play the game Hanger or Spiderman Swing if you like this game online. The application is compatible with iOS 10.0 with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

How to play Stickmanhook?
The Stickmanhook is a game of skill mobile among the most popular at present. The premise of the game is to use a rope to swing through the landscapes of the game when you try to pass the levels.
To progress in the game, you must swing and jump through the level to the image of Spiderman. Besides, the main character colored red reminds strongly of Heroes comic book, and like the latter, he uses frequently to a rope to move into the heights. By continuing, your stickman can do back and forth, making sure not to release his rope. It may, however, release the rope from time to time to fly through the air in the direction of the next button until it reaches the line to come. Between jumps, your character will also hit several slopes while walking. Whatever the means used, the key is to bounce on platforms. But make sure you don't miss out your drop-off points to the risk of falling into the abyss.

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