Hulu is a service of video on demand, which includes mainly TV shows, shows, TV shows being broadcast and original series. The Hulu application is incompatible with Apple products, such as the iPad, because it uses Flash. However, Hulu users can use the application on computers, mobile phones and tablets with Windows 10.

How to use Hulu?

Several studies have shown that there is a significant reduction in the tendency of users to watch videos on their TVs. Therefore, the future belongs to the broadcast platforms of video on demand and subscription like Hulu. So Hulu is the application used for the eponymous mailing service and you access a catalogue of online without waiting time. The service includes thousands of movies, TV series or original series, cartoons, movies or series trailer. For example, if you want to watch a day broadcasting of television programs from ABC, NBC and Fox Network on your terminals, Hulu is a must.

The application is simple to install, its fluid use so that you can watch a movie or a TV show from the exact point where you you be arrested. One of the drawbacks of the Hulu platform is that it is sometimes only a few episodes on an ongoing series, which can be frustrating for viewers who want to watch the season in its entirety. In addition, unlike Netflix, this platform is full of sale of ads.

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