Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an application that allows you to take control of your inbox and optimize its daily management. With Outlook, you can not only send, receive and manage e-mails, but also keep track of your calendar and a list of contacts. You can even share your calendar with your colleagues.

Microsoft Outlook for better organisation of your mail

Microsoft Outlook is a software whose objective is to centralize all the functionalities of mail management and processing. Outlook saves the settings of your profile, your e-mail accounts, your registration and the layout of your favourites in the Windows registry. As soon as e-mail addresses have been added to Outlook, e-mails are automatically transferred to the program. To the left of the centre is the e-mail list and to the right is the preview window. With Outlook on your PC, Mac or mobile device, you can :

  • Organize your e-mail so that you can concentrate on the most important messages ;
  • Manage and share your calendar so you can easily schedule meetings, send messages for campaigns ;
  • Share files in the cloud so that recipients always have the latest version;
  • Better manage business tasks while staying connected and productive wherever you are.

All in all, Outlook's features allow you to focus on the essentials of your inbox and manage it better. Microsoft Outlook works perfectly with Android and iOS systems.

You want to download Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Microsoft Corporation has already been published Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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