Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is an application marketed as a way to relieve stress by destroying a target presented to the player. Presented as an action game, it invites you to assault a doll with various weapons.

One of the most advanced physics simulation games ever made

Kick the Buddy is an application that allows players to beat a ragdoll figurine into oblivion. Presented as a game to relieve stress, Kick the Buddy is a puppet-like figure on which players, with their choice of weapon, inflict abuse until they come to terms with it by killing it. All means of destruction are good to eliminate the target: explode, destroy, shoot, crush, freeze... Use a knife, a machine gun, a rocket launcher or even a tank to get rid of the target.

The application is designed for users aged 12 or older, and consists of inflicting violence on the figurine called Buddy. The puppet-like character appears, slumping on a stage, responding with short jokes, meant to be humorous. However, the violence inflicted on Buddy is not simply intended to relieve the player and relieve his stress. The player must also try to collect a large amount of weapons in the process and obtain more profitable dolls. Indeed, each time you attack him, drop the gold coins and collect more gold coins to unlock powerful weapons. Kick the Buddy is currently one of the best games to let off steam and reduce stress.

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