Animal Jam

Animal Jam - Play Wild! is an educational and fun multiplayer game developed by WildWorks. This game allows you to play as an animal and to evolve in an impressive universe of small treasures and entertainment.

A recreation in the animal kingdom

The player has his own lair, a den that reflects the animal chosen. He can customize his domain as he plays, thanks to the objects he collects throughout the game! You can find other players online by traveling the paths of the Animal Jam - Play Wild kingdom. It is then possible to participate in a chat with other players. In some places, the player can participate in mini-games and win Gems. Gems can also be earned by playing a daily scavenger hunt.

Gems are an in-game currency to buy accessories or items. Sapphires are the premium currency, and can be used to buy animals, dens or other fantasy items. Gems and Sapphires can be purchased in the app store. As the player progresses through the animal world, they will have access to more animals, more items, and thus customize their game exactly the way they want! Animal Jam - Play Wild can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the AppStore (for iOS). This is a mobile application, you can't download it on Windows PC.

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