Hotstar is an Indian streaming service that focuses on national programs and sports content. Although Hotstar is officially available in some countries outside of India, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, there is a restriction on content in these geographic areas.

Hotstar, entertainment and national sports content

Streaming services have experienced a huge boom in the past five years or so responding to increased interest in the online consumer market. While most of the world is attached to Netflix and Hulu, many people in India get their daily entertainment from the Hotstar streaming service. Instead of offering movies and TV shows, Hotstar is almost exclusively dedicated to original Bollywood and cricket productions from the subcontinent. Hotstar is positioned as the essential resource for fans of Indian cinema and sports. Whether you are an Indian living abroad or a foreign fan, Hotstar offers the Indian streaming you dream of. So much so that Hotstar currently offers streaming content of up to 50,000 hours of entertainment. This app is considered the best option to broadcast cricket. Although Hotstar is more popular for cricket, it also broadcasts other sports, including football, tennis, hockey, boxing, etc.

In addition to the first version of the application, Hotstar offers a second "Premium" level offering quality international films and TV series. The app also introduced versions of the service targeting international markets, focusing on original Star programming and national sports rights.

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