Smule is a music application originally created under the name Sing. With this application, you can share your love of music with your friends on social networks and build up a group of regular fans.

Sing music your way

Stimulates a social singing application that lets you enjoy millions of songs in karaoke mode. Smule offers the user a recording studio equipped with bells and whistles. When the user has a song to sing, he or she can decide to record a solo by himself or herself or to embark on a duet or group performance where other Smule users have already recorded their track parts. With this unique karaoke application, you can :

  • Sing in a duo, solo or join a group performance while greatly improving your singing skills ;
  • Choose from over 10 million karaoke songs in your favorite genres, in all languages;
  • Create music with top artists, Disney characters and new friends;
  • Sing in a unique setting with creative audio and visual filters...

Once completed, your performances are stored in Smule's database, in which case anyone can listen to them. Users can activate the video recording mode if they want to record both video and audio. A private flag can also be enabled if users do not want to allow others to listen to their recording. With this Android and iOS compatible application, you can make friends and build a fan club with viewers all over the world.

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