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FORScan Lite

Forscan is a mobile application to connect to the various calculators of cars Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or Mazda. Functional on board these connected vehicles, the application is used in particular to read and reset the diagnostic codes (DTC) for all modules.

How to use the FORScan application?
The FORScan Lite application has been specially developed for computer diagnostics of high-end connected vehicles. It can be downloaded on all vehicle models to the above brand. On the other hand, vehicles other than Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury are not supported by FORScan Lite. The application can be installed on models of other brands, but shows a total incompatibility.
FORScan runs on Windows and MAC. It is compatible with Bluetooth, WiFi or USB interfaces. Specifically, the application allows you to reset the control unit every time a drain is done. It allows the recalibration of the injectors and can be used for a multitude of other operations such as the display of the PID or the sensors of the various car modules. FORScan lite also allows the analysis of a network configuration on board the connected vehicle. So you can use FORScan lite to run multiple tests on your vehicle and perform usage checks.

FORScan Lite is officially available for Android, iOS devices. You can download the PC application for free on Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7, XP and Vista.

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