PlayOn is an online service for recording digital video streams accessible via native applications and delivered to mobile devices. It acts as a dashboard and streaming hub on the PC.

How do I use PlayOn?

PlayOn is both a brand of streaming media content and a software suite that allows users to view and record video from a variety of online content providers. As an application, PlayOn acts as a clearinghouse for free content on TV network websites, as well as on subscription sites such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu.

This service organizes content for you from the above platforms by centralizing videos, TV episodes and movies. You can then access it through your TV, Windows PC, streaming device, or game console such as the Xbox. The other service offered by PlayOn is Playon Cloud. It gives Android and iPhone users the ability to stream content and save it to the cloud. Launched in 2016, the latter service invites users to subscribe to an optional paid storage service.

In addition, PlayOn allows you to access certain applications that may not otherwise be supported by the streaming device. For example, if you have an Amazon Fire tablet, you won't be able to support content from Vudu and Spotify unless you access it via PlayOn.

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