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Bose Connect

The Bose Connect app is designed to link music sources, speakers and Bose headphones. The app gives you quick access to key features of the brand's products, such as auto power off timer, volume control, and battery readings. It also allows you to manage multiple connections at once.

Bose Connect is a free application from Bose Corporation that allows you to get the most out of your Bose wireless products. It lets you keep your software up-to-date, customize your headset settings, easily manage Bluetooth connections, and access new features. The application runs in the background to synchronize with recent software and installs them only when the need arises. In concrete terms, it allows you to:

  • Listen to music, synchronize it with loudspeakers to multiply the sound and be able to broadcast it on headphones and speakers simultaneously;
  • Make better use of your headphones, track the level of noise cancellation directly in the app, as well as the heart rate monitor built into the headset;
  • Monitor the evolution of your heart rate through your connected equipment.

Running under all versions of Windows, it can be installed on an iPhone or Android device. Discover in Bose Connect the perfect companion for your Bluetooth headsets and speakers.

You want Bose Connect on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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