PS Remote Play

Are you outside and want to play your favourite PlayStation games? If you don't own a PS Vita, there are alternatives that will allow you to use your smartphone. PS Remote Play is a program that allows you to stream or remotely play PlayStation 4 or 5 games from a console to a Windows PC or Mac.

How do I use PS Remote Play?

PS Remote Play is a feature of the PlayStation 4 that allows you to continue playing your favorite PS4 or PS5 games on the popular console. Initially only available on Sony Xperia smartphones, you can also play console titles on all other Android phones. It is not possible to connect two DS4 controllers to a PC/Mac for local multi-player mode. Local multiplayer mode is only possible if a player is connected directly via the PlayStation.

To operate, the application has a main Remote Play function that not only allows you to connect the console to a PC or Mac, but also allows you to connect the Sony console to an Android smartphone. This allows you to stream or transfer content from the PlayStation to your phone.

Following the latest updates to the application, PS Remote Play is now available for both Windows and Mac machines. After installing the application on your Android device, Remote Play will automatically search for available devices. You need to activate your console to be able to recognize it.

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