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Apple Safari is a web browser that is designed for Macintosh and Windows operating systems, as well as for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The iOS version of Safari found on every Apple device is adapted to the desktop version that came with Macs for many years. The browser is recognizable by its icon which is shaped like a compass.

How to use Safari?
Safari is currently the fastest and easiest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs. The platform is organized in a very special way. There is a large bar at the top of the main window where you can enter a website URL or search term to direct you to a website or to a list of pages that match your query. Once on the interface, you can also:
• to juggle between several pages;
• open pages privately, save and access marked pages;
• save a reading list for offline viewing;
• modify the default search engine, enable or disable search engine suggestions;
• Have Safari automatically fill in the Web Forms fields;
• check your privacy and security.

In a word, Safari offers you the lot of classic features of contemporary search engines with, however, some innovations from Apple. On the browser, you can also choose to view a Top Sites view, set a home page, display a blank page, or view the same page.

You want Safari on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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