Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is an application that connects your Android phone to your computer, making your device fully customizable. Formerly Arrow Launcher, the application offers many interesting features for users of Android devices and Windows computers.

Microsoft Launcher serves as a bridge between your smartphone and your PC

With Microsoft Launcher, your smartphone has a look that can be customized to your liking. Icons can be changed, colors can be adjusted, you can choose from several different themes and more. The biggest reason for using Microsoft Launcher is that it offers seamless integration with other applications and services. This is an application that will allow Android users to continue viewing photos, editing documents, or reading mobile websites from a PC. For example, if you have linked your phone to your computer, useful items such as your calendar, contacts or documents can be linked and can be easily used on your smartphone through the application.

To use the Microsoft Launcher application, it is necessary to have a Microsoft account. You will then create a personalized flow with the ability to share documents or images from your smartphone with your computers without much hassle. For this you need to register your smartphone on your PC in the settings.

Finally, Microsoft Launcher has a so-called family feature, with which you can track your children's activities and with which you receive reports on their actions on their phone.

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