RogueKiller is an anti-malware software that is used as a disinfection tool against fake antivirus software. It helps protect your computer against all kinds of threats such as spyware, password stealers, adware and others. RogueKiller is compatible with all Windows versions and is effective in securing your PC over time.

Why use roguekiller?

RogueKiller is an easy-to-use software designed to eliminate a certain type of programs such as malicious applications, advanced threats, worms and other types of spyware against which traditional security tools are not specialized. It is also capable of eliminating malicious registry keys, as well as automatic starting of certain files. After cleaning your PC, Roguekiller will remove all references to this process from the Windows registry.

Recommended for expert users, Roguekiller is programmed for specific computers because it is resistant to specific applications. The application uses heuristic methods (behavioural analysis) and basic analysis of signatures of the most well-known viruses to accomplish its task. This allows it to detect most of the threats we face every day. RogueKiller also offers tools to help you set up the server center, proxy, and DNS issues. Other features of the program include automatic updates, command line usage, private support, and the ability to customize the scan.

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