Nationwide Mobile Banking

Nationwide Mobile Banking is a banking application that allows customers of the UK bank of the same name to access services, perform transactions and view the status of their account. The app offers the ability to carry out safe and secure banking anytime or anywhere, even when you are traveling.

Nationwide Mobile Banking to access Nationwide accounts wherever you are
It is becoming increasingly clear that mobile banking has become a fundamental means of service delivery and an essential tool for customer loyalty throughout the world. So we understand why the UK Nationwide Bank needed a mobile application such as Nationwide Mobile Banking to diversify its services and empower its customers. Concretely, the application allows users to:
• Perform routine banking transactions;
• Make payments and transfers to beneficiaries of the same bank or intermediate services, immediately or at a later date;
• Make balance transfers on their Nationwide credit card;
• View or cancel regular payments or pre-authorized debits;
• Pay a contact through their mobile phone number, send and receive money via the Paym service with just a mobile phone number;
• Access the history of your transactions until the last 15 months of activity on your accounts ...
Nationwide Mobile Banking is tightly controlled for security, so customers do not have to suffer breaches of their accounts.

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