ES File Explorer File Manager

Operating systems like Android and iOS don't always offer a complete file management solution. That's why many users turn to apps like ES File Explorer File Manager. Also, while most smartphone designers include a file management solution on their devices, they are not the best out there.

A complete and easy-to-use file manager

Usable on Windows PCs via an emulator, ES File Explorer File Manager owes its popularity to its many features. The application is equipped with all the basic and advanced file management tools you can imagine. So you can copy, move, rename, delete, check details and share files from internal storage or SD card.

ES File Explorer File Manager also offers you to analyze your storage space usage and informs you about redundant files, unnecessary files, large files, etc. This makes it easier for you to clean up your storage media to free up space and improve device performance. You will also most likely appreciate the fact that the app allows you to easily switch between your local storage files and your cloud storage files.

You can also use ES File Explorer File Manager as a file transfer solution. The app allows you to transfer files to another smartphone or even a PC, without any limitations related to file size or type. All you have to do is download it.

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