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Call Recorder

Whether you're calling or being called, the conversation ends in your phone's internal memory. Lovekara Call Recorder is a free call recording application that you can use to automatically record your calls. The application allows you to save all your recorded calls in MP3 format.

Recording a call can end any dispute over what has been said. Using apps such as Call Recorder allows you to record calls on Android devices. Record conversations, add notes, and share them with others. With the Call Recorder automatic call recorder, you can record any conversation you deem important and then listen to or share it with other contacts. The voice call recorder can record all of your calls in a very simple way and you can also easily manage all of your call recordings. All recorded files are saved on the application in a specific and highly secure domain. The app also offers other features for those who want to keep their recordings on their computer or use their cloud.

Call Recorder by lovekara is a practical and simple to use application. However, before using a call recorder, it is advisable to read the laws on telephone recording in your country. At times, you must tell the other party that the call is recorded while others are not.

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