Created by PlayRix, a well-known company in the mobile gaming industry, we present Fishdom; an addictive matching game that millions of people love. Put together pieces, make combinations and decorate amazing aquariums. Get your mobile device ready to turn it into an aquarium.

Fishdom overview and features

Fishdom is a mobile game application that incorporates the classic mechanics of match-3 puzzles, in which it is necessary to align blocks of the same color or type to eliminate all the elements positioned on the game grid. In Fishdom, the player is immersed in an underwater world and has the task, by solving all the levels, to build houses for small fish, decorate tanks and aquariums and make sure that the sea floor is always a clean and hospitable place.

You can unlock new aquariums with different stories. Unique themed events with stunning graphics and valuable prizes. There are different levels with challenging combinations. Fishdom allows you to explore a 3D marine world with adorable fish. You can share your games with your friends on Facebook. The power-ups allow you to clear the panels. Fishdom is available for Windows PC, Android, macOs and iOS devices. It is recommended for the whole family. You can play it for free, but it may include built-in purchases.

You want to download Fishdom on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Playrix has already been published Fishdom on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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