BitLife is a popular game that allows you to make choices from birth to death. The objective of the game is to live a virtual life with or without struggles and difficulties, illustrated with cartoons and humorous scenarios.

A simulation game that opens up the field of possibilities.

BitLife allows users to find out, for example, what would happen if they specialized in biology or ended up in jail for assault. Many other scenarios are possible on the application, allowing you to immerse yourself in a life of adventure, fall in love, start prison riots, smuggle gym bags and cheat on your spouse. You choose your story.

When creating a new game, the character has a random name, hair, and the city and country in which the character lives varies. The character starts his BitLife adventure in a random country with a pair of parents in charge of his education. As an infant, he can barely interact with the world, his only option being to go to the doctor.

Among the information the application displays are data about the character's parents and their occupation, as well as his birthday, his zodiac sign, how he was conceived, whether he has siblings or pets... In the game settings, you can change a lot of data about your character's life. For example, to add a year to your character's life, you will need to press the "Age" button. He can then continue the adventure and evolve from simulation to simulation.

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