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Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile version of the long-running and popular Mario Kart series, released in late 2019 for Android and iOS smartphones. It is the third Mario mobile game in total, after Super Mario Run and Dr.Mario World, the ninth main part of the Mario Kart series.

Take your turbo on an adventure

Mario Kart Tour is a racing game whose aim is to be in first place at the end of each game, using objects obtained by going through boxes of objects. The game reuses many elements from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, as well as game mechanisms such as gliding and special character-specific items. In addition, the game introduces features new to the Mario Kart franchise, such as inverted tracks and the ability to deploy a large amount of any item during a race, including thornballs and Bullet Bills. The player moves through the game as they would in a typical Mario Kart game. There is a series of cup events, each involving a handful of races, and once you have earned enough stars, you will unlock the next cup to play.

The main game of Mario Kart Tour is therefore centred on the racing season mode, which offers a variety of incentives to get you back in the race for each new season. Although you won't be racing with other real live players in most of the game's modes, your device will still need an Internet connection for you to play.

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