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Kick the Buddy: Forever

Kick the Buddy Forever is a game that confronts you with a protagonist that you mishandle with blows, shots and even bombs. Experiment, blow up, use an atomic weapon, dress up Buddy and do much more in the brand new Kick The Buddy Forever.

A game designed to relieve stress

Kick the Buddy Forever takes you to a cool game where you try all the incredible weapons on one character. When you start the game, you "unpack" Buddy, a walking and talking doll. Inside its box, the player can use an assortment of weapons to hit and abuse Buddy all over the screen. Players can choose from mundane weapons such as a chainsaw or frying pan, but they can also choose fantastic weapons such as a giant robot. Blast, destroy, shoot, shoot, crush, freeze, throw, send the power of the gods and don't even think about stopping.

Although players in Kick the Buddy Forever are offered a wide selection of weapons, obtaining them may require purchase options. That said, kicking Buddy is fun even if your weapons are limited. The game's graphics offer an assortment that will make you want to play the game even longer. Characters, weapons and environments are rendered in 3D, but the aesthetics are caricatured so that the game doesn't fall into the strange valley. As Buddy gets more and more damaged, its appearance also changes, which is a nice touch from the designers.

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