Seesaw Class

Seesaw is an application that aims to help students do their best to manage their time schedule. Accessible mainly to teachers, it allows them to define tasks or assignments and include instructions or templates that students can use at home.

A platform for exchange between parents, teachers and students

Seesaw is a management and teaching application accessible to both students and teachers. To use the application, teachers create a folder for each student on the platform. Once logged in, students can select a number of tools to add content to the folder via the greener symbol. This means that students can add articles to their diary, respond to activities, view announcements and comment on their own work. Students can also add narration, text and drawings to the file to further explain why they have included this content, to describe the learning that has taken place. All in all, Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what is happening in the classroom. When there are new toggle stations, families can be informed by notification of the application, by e-mail or SMS. Parents are only informed about their own child's work, and all other students' data is safe.

Seesaw Class can be used on a computer (PC) or a tablet. There is a premium version of Seesaw with a wider range of features, but many schools use the free version and find it suits their needs.

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