Parler is a recent American social network (it was created in December 2018) to compete with existing social networks. It defines itself as a "non-partisan public place" because it wants to be impartial, guaranteeing security, freedom of expression and protecting the data of its users. It does not commercialize this data. Its number of users, estimated at more than a million, is growing.

The application runs on Android and iOS. To download the application on a phone and install it you have to go to Google Play or the Apple store. It also works on PC under Windows in your browser. As on other social networks, you sign up by creating an account and choosing a login and then putting a photo. Parler checks the account creations, especially that you are not a robot.

Parler offers some innovations compared to other social networks: it allows you to create your own community, and to moderate and filter what you see on the network by excluding publications based on keywords. You decide what you want to see based on what interests you. It is also possible to ask not to receive content from robots.

This American social network therefore complies with American laws. It prohibits the use for criminal purposes, pornography and copyright infringement. Children can only join it from adolescence onwards.

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