Canon Print Service

Like any good web application, Canon Print Service offers services that can make things easier for its users. Indeed, it is a web application that allows you to print directly from the menus of other applications that allow the printing subsystem of Android. It is therefore possible to print from your tablet or smartphone; of course with a printer connected to the Wi-Fi network.

What is its purpose and how does it work?

As stated above, Canon Print Service is a software that is known for its core function of remote printing from a smartphone or tablet. One thing is for sure, it allows you to benefit from the smooth and fast connection between your different devices. Also, before you start your printing, you should first check if your device is connected to the access point or Wi-Fi; then, also check the status of your inks. Once you have done all these checks, you can now start printing.

In addition to these functions, did you know that with Canon Print Service you can scan your documents and print them directly? Well, yes! From your smartphone, you can scan, print, save, and even send content via email. This feature is called Smartphone Capture and Copy. All you need to do is download this software to fully enjoy its functions. Besides, it is important to know the real purpose of Cannon Print Service. Cannon Print Service was designed not only to make it easier for professionals, but more importantly to revolutionize the way you copy, print or scan documents. No more hassle! Choose Canon Print Service.

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