DEGIRO is a free trading application that is offered by Degiro. It is a user-friendly platform with attractive pricing. It is easy to use and has many investment options available. It is perfect for stock market and/or international investment. It has many features.

A trading application for professionals and individuals

DEGIRO is a trading application allowing the creation of a portfolio of value. It is a reliable investment platform that allows trading in the markets with limited commissions. Professional and retail investors can use it without any difficulty. It is a digital broker for everyone who has created an account and entered various types of personal information. It is operational from anywhere and at any time. To enjoy it, you need to download the appropriate version for Android, iOS but the version for Windows PC does not seem to be available yet.

DEGIRO is a secure application. That is why a copy of an official identity document may be required at the time of registration. It allows the management of securities or investment funds as well as shares. Buying and selling shares is easy with this platform. It provides information and news about the stock market. Users can share their impressions, make suggestions or give feedback to improve the app.

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