ReadEra is a mobile application dedicated to simplifying the reading of books and PDF files. Let's take a closer look at the features of this practical tool.

ReadEra's specificities

ReadEra is a book reader that supports several file formats: pdf, word, epub, txt and Kindle. The application is equipped with the necessary range of tools to make reading moments simple and enjoyable. The cropping feature allows users to highlight elements of a photo. Thanks to the column mode, it becomes more convenient to display the files by presenting them like a book.

This utility also helps to organize your digital library. These features allow you to group documents according to height, genre, or the date they were published or saved in the device. ReadEra also manages downloads and sets up a playlist with a "favorites" option.

With ReadEra, multi-document mode is possible. Switching from one document to another is possible with the application's fluid and functional interface. The memory of the PC is optimized since when deleting a file it is always possible to read it again from the last opened page.

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