Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile, developed by Duo Security, is a security solution that allows you to benefit from two-factor authentication on all your applications on your smartphone. It allows you to enjoy your device in complete security.

Duo Mobile, for more security

Duo Mobile, available on mobile phones, thus on the Play Store and the App Store, uses a two-factor authentication service (a password + a code generated on the mobile) developed directly by themselves to optimize the security of all your connections to all your accounts using a password and a login. In order to work, each time you try to connect, Duo Mobile generates a code on your mobile that you will have to enter in the connection terminal and without which access to your account will be impossible. In addition, the application will detect each attempt to connect to one of your accounts so you are always aware if someone tries to steal your access.

Each time you log in, the application will send instant notifications to your phone for a faster connection. Downloading Duo Mobile is therefore possible on smartphone, iOS or Android and does not yet know a version for Windows PC, Linux or Mac. However, Duo Mobile can take effect on your web services using secret codes, allowing its use on your PC, in addition to its mobile use.

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