Untis Mobile

Untis Mobile is the official application of WebUntis, a platform that offers software to help create and manage timetables for schools. This tool, dedicated to teaching, allows to plan school life in a smarter and easier way.

The Untis Mobile application

Untis Mobile has been created for schools to communicate to teachers and students (or parents) the schedules, as well as any changes in schedules. With this application, notifications arrive directly on the smarthpones and tablets of teachers, students and parents. Once the device is connected, the Internet synchronizes the day's changes, and also allows them to be downloaded to the phone. It is therefore possible to consult the timetables without an Internet connection afterwards. In addition, the user can decide what content to show to a specific group.

By activating Untis Mobile Premium, additional features are unlocked. Among these features are: the timetable widget, the calendar for parents, the list of summer exams homework, the list of available classrooms. It is also possible to use the app to define timetable details, set up favorites, reserve rooms, create homework assignments by choosing your own colors for subjects, find out who the teacher of a class is, and so on. Students and parents can also sign up for contact hours.

The Untis mobile app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. There are also several ways to download it on Windows PCs, including using an emulator.

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