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Swiftkey is a virtual keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices offering next word predictions based on data and your writing history. Its greatest utility is that it allows for transparent typing, adapts to the way you type, and allows you to spend less time correcting typos and writing faster.

Swiftkey to write better and faster
SwiftKey is Microsoft’s smart keyboard that adapts to your writing style so you can type without much hassle. Like millions of other users around the world, the SwiftKey keyboard will allow you to send texts, GIFS, stickers and emoticons. The keyboard's punctuation approach and the customizable command bar allow publishers to get what they want to type as quickly as possible. For example, it allows you to swipe left and right on a special button to quickly add special characters to them, instead of having to long press and drag to get them
SwiftKey is suitable for all preferences and can be customized with many free templates and free themes. You enter your text as you see fit, either by swiping, typing or using predictive emojis and a GIF keyboard. If you downloaded the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone, you must first set it as the default keyboard before you can use it.

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