Brainly is the most famous and most used educational application. Having fun and learning at the same time are the promises of the platform.

How Brainly works

Brainly is an educational game launched by Brainly, a company that works in educational technology. The developer has focused on a game platform to motivate learning. A student can access the activities via a mobile device as well as via a PC. All that is required is to download the software and create a free account. Thanks to its rich content, a player can just multiply his knowledge or develop his sense of reasoning.

The application is very popular among students, as it helps them with their homework. By asking a question, the student will receive many answers from the community in a few minutes. The student earns points if he or she helps those who need it. In addition, there are various games such as puzzles, riddles, crosswords, etc. to have fun and work on your brainpower.

All school subjects are available for play on Brainly. The effectiveness and reliability of the application is based on the support and monitoring of all content by thousands of moderators. Parents can create an account on Brainly to follow their children's learning progress. Over the years, Brainly has improved its services with features such as the MATH SOLVER. To use it, you scan your math exercises and post them. In addition, it is also possible to ask a question vocally on the platform. You will discover more options as you use it.

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